Special Sets  

Quilt Labels - One

After you finish all the other work that goes into making a quilt, the last step is to sign and date it. In the past that meant using a permanent ink pen to write your name and date on the back of the quilt. In more recent times, this has grown into an art form all by itself.

Many quilters are unsure of what to put on the back of the quilt. This set helps to simplify the process. There are two versions of each of the designs:

  • One is just the graphics with the border
  • The second is the graphics with the border with text and lines

For the set that includes the text, you can use a permanent marker to fill in the information or use the lettering on your embroidery machine. You can use the blank as the basis for anything else you might like!

These labels come in two sizes: 4x4 and 5x7. The designs in each set are the same; they have just been optimized to fit the sizes of each hoop.


There are 18 labels in each set (1 blank and 1 with text for each of 9 different designs). These sew out in about 30 minutes or less and add a very charming touch to your quilt! Two of the designs are simple redwork and sew out in under 10 minutes!

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