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Monster Balls   

Babies love balls and our new great grandson had a lot of fun with this new set of Monster Balls.

Some of these little monsters have fringe eyebrows and/or mustaches and this is super easy to do. Our instructions will show you how this is done.

We also give you complete instructions for assembling these (they are not done in the hoop so any size machine can make these!).

There are 12 different designs in this set and we recommed using white fleece for the faces. We then did some mixing and matching with various printed fleece on the backs to add some color to our samples. You can also make them all white and add them to your snowball collection!

The faces sew out in under 2 minutes and the assembly is really easy. If you would like to see a video on how to assemble these, please check this link:

Sewing "Ball" Designs

This video is for our Water Balloons set but it uses the same pattern as our snowballs and as this new set.

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To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 hoop

Actual Sew-outs

Monster Balls
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